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Feb 6, 2005

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Pencil & Ink: Lycorne
Coloring & Lettering: Lycorne (CG)

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It's really my last semester... So very sad...

Stressed as I am about Senior Design, it's really awesome being in Software Engineering. I like the field. And if I ever get another guy indicating I'm in the degree to get an M-R-S... He dies.

Actually, that reminds me. I have some old comic ideas from as far back as my Sophomore year that I want to draw before I leave.

And this rant image is pretty special. A fairly old group photo of anime club. Hahaha. So many of these guys are gone now, or almost unrecognizable.
(Left to Right) Back/Standing Row: Jana Huggins (now in Georgia, husband Lee in Iraq), Vanessa Cox (now in Montgomery?), Chris Golden (ex-Techie, now in Florida), Melissa Lynn, John Klise, Jep (kicked out of club), Aaron LaRoux(?), Stephen Roark (ex-Webmaster, ex-Meeting Place Host, now woring for Homeland Security).
Front/Kneeling Row: Dave Baxter, Michelle Johnson (ex-Historian, ex-Secretary, now in Montgomery), Patrick Burke (ex-historian), Matt Felton (been Tearasurer forever now, ex-Meeting Place Host), Beau Frierson (ex-President, now in Florida), Mary Cahela. On the Couch: Ashley Holloway(current Secretary), George P. (President for one summer, now in Birmingham?)

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~ Lycorne
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(Posted on February 8, 2005)

Wow, we're in the paper!

I'd probably be more excited about it, but we've been waiting almost a month for this. That, and the last time someone did an article on webcomics that we were aware of was The Auburn Plainsman at school, and we all know that the Plainsman can never get to the point much less right it; namely, it was supposed to be about the AU anime club, but it verved onto Becky's comics, very badly I must add, and then didn't even get the web URLs correct. The MA is much better. Pity the interviews had to be over the phone and seperate. He might have had more if had. Ah, well.

Go! Read!

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(Posted on November 21, 2004)

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