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Since I really haven't gotten too many questions... I'll make up my own.
Last Updated: 11-03-2004

1. Are the comics based on real events?
Lycorne: Yes, but I occasionally exagerate the events and add what I was thinking at the time.

2. Was there really a guy dressed up like Captain Fire & BrimStone?
Lycorne: Thank the gods NO. I hope that never EVER happens. The twisted superman costume is a joke on how extremist those bible-thumpers tend to be. They tend to think of themselves as heroes out to save us from ourselves, and thus, I think of them as these twisted/demented superhero wannabes. (I actually have been asked this a couple of times. ^^;;)

3. When do you update?
Lycorne: Right now, ADVinAU updates every Sunday, unless I screw up somehow.

4. Hey, I know you! When do I get to be in the comic?
Lycorne: Hur? Er... When I hear you involved in a joke of some sort.

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