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Adventures in AU

Adventures in AU is a series of random one-shot comic pages based on real events that happen to and around Lycorne during her college years at Auburn University. She started doing the comic in her free time Fall Semester 2001, 1 year after starting college.
At current, Adventures in AU is updating once weekly, on Saturdays. Be sure to stick around for it, and enjoy!

Adventures in AU (or ADVinAU) is just a humorous look at myself, my classes, my friends, and my life in general. It is not a serious (or extremely accurate) represtentation of any of it (most of the time ^_~). Most of the things said are exact quotes, others are close to right. The events sometimes, to me, are as bad as they seem, and sometimes they are exaggerated. A lot of it is taking an event and applying my unusual imagination to convey my thoughts on it.

Basically, what I'm trying to say, is YES, the stuff in the comic is actual events, but it's also my thoughts/imagination at the time (i.e. Captain Fire & BrimStone being some sort of twisted super hero). Auburn University IS a wonderful college, and I love it, so when you see something joking on the university or the teachers, it's all in good fun. I like (most of) my teachers, but sometimes I like to use what they say even more.

There's a good many jokes that are only really good if you know the people, and many of them are only good if you think about it from a college student's perspective. ADVinAU is aimed for a college audience, and even more so to my group of friends, but hopefully, anyone can get a laugh out of a few of the issues.

~ Lycorne

Visit the official Auburn University website here.

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All writings & artwork are Becky Shropshire [Lycorne] and Ashley Holloway [Glitter].
Adventures in AU in no way represents the views or opinions of Auburn University. Nor do the writers and artists hold any copyright to the name, Auburn University.
It's just a webcomic some AU students are doing for fun. We make no money, and it's done purely to get laughs, or make you think, just enjoy it.
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